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Reservation - Confirmation - Payment

To avoid any misunderstanding, please read carefully our conditions below :

01 - Booking:

The written, phone reservations, or by internet imply your membership on the general conditions. An estimate is worth command only after return accepted on behalf of the customer and the acceptance on behalf of Voyages Stevic. The definitive program must be communicated minimum 7 days in advance with precise schedule of departure, meeting place, exact passengers number, detailed progress of the circuit and the schedules, the points private individuals, names and address and phone number of the persons in charge, and in a general way any element necessary for the good implementation of the transport.

02 - Registration:

When declaring it or the déclarante registers the other participants on the journey, he or she answers of their contractual obligations (in particular the payment of the price of the journey) to the equal of his and engages her responsibility where that of his company.

03 - Service:

Our services ensue from the description of the journey according to the agreement in writing or by mail. The particular wishes become an element of the contract only if they were confirmed in writing and without reserve of our part.

04 - Payment:

Payment must be settled before the journey, or the same day by the departure in sort. (Except exception)

Secure payment by PayPal available (Visa / Mastercard) 4% tax of the total amount

05 - Cancellation:

If you cancel your journey less than 14 days before the departure, the expenses of cancellation will be calculated as continuation


  • 7 in 14 days before the departure     10 % of the price of the journey
  • 1 in 7 days before the departure       20 % of the price of the journey
  • The day of the departure                  100 % of the price of the journey

06 - Luggage:

Our coaches possess spacious safes to take them. However, for practical reasons, it is necessary that every participant reduces at most the quantity of his luggage, namely 1 suitcase and 1 hand luggage a person. We make you attentive to the fact whom you are personally responsible for your luggage as well as for your portable devices, photos, jewels, other, etc. during all the duration of the journey. Except the coach, we assume no responsibility.

07 - Our cancellation of journey: 

If the journey could not take place for reasons of force majeure, the paid amount would be paid off in its entirety. Any reparation of compensation being excluded.

08 - Cleaning and damage: 

A regular cleaning of the vehicle is included in the price. However we reserve the right to charge repair or replacement of any damage in the vehicle as well as cleaning chewing gum and spilled liquids in the vehicle. (it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the car)

09 - Theft: 

Voyages Stevic is not engaged in cases of personal theft effect, either inside or outside the vehicle during the whole journey.

10 - Note:

In case of access problems with a coach or minibus where indicated on your program, we accept no liability.

11 - Important:

If you intend to exceed the return time indicated before, please inform us 24 hours before the start of the journey. If this results in a succession chuffeur due to exceeding the legal amplitude according OTR, a fee will be charged extra for the second driver. Otherwise, the driver will follow the mentioned program.

The excess time available is billed in excess of the amount of the quote as follows:

  • Coach           : Fr 90.- per hour started
  • Minibus         : Fr 80.- per hour started
  • Minivan         : Fr 70.- per hour started
  • Limousine     : Fr 60.- per hour started

12 - Legislation:

Compliance with legislation on tranports priority.

Amplitude: long the driver is at your disposal (flow and return the deposit included). It can not exceed 12 hours unless an exception to the labor inspectorate where it can reach 14 hours: beyond, a second driver is mandatory.

Driving: daily driving is limited to nine hours and may be extended to 10 hours twice a week. Drivers must make a minimum 45-minute break after a driving period of 04 h 30. These 45 minutes can be split into two or three breaks of a minimum of 15 minutes.

Rest: every 24 hours, the daily rest period of a driver is 11 consecutive hours, which may be reduced to a minimum of 9 hours three times a week.