General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Valid from 01.01.2020

xx - Reservation

Reservations in writing, by phone or by email imply your adherence to the general terms and conditions. An estimate is only valid as an order after return accepted from the customer and confirmation from Voyages Stevic.
The final program must be communicated in advance with precise departure time, meeting place, exact number of passengers, detailed course of the circuit and schedules, particular points, names and contact details with a telephone number of the person in charge, and in general any element necessary for the proper implementation of the transport.

xx- Registration

If the declarant registers other transport participants, he or she shall be liable for their contractual obligations (in particular the payment of the transport price) on an equal footing with his or her own and shall incur his or her own liability or that of his or her company.

xx- Services

Our services are based on the description of the transport according to the written agreement and the quotation.
Special wishes only become part of the contract if they have been confirmed by us in writing and without reservation.

Included in the quotation price are

VAT 7.7% on Swiss territory A professional driver
Road tolls

Are not included in the price of the quotation

Any parking fees for the bus in Switzerland and the EU.
Meal costs for the driver are to be paid by the customer or in addition to Fr 30.00 on the offer.
Meal costs are counted for a full day or evening arrangement.
For trips of one or more days, the hotel and accommodation for the driver is at the expense of the customer (half board) during the entire stay and the tour.

xx- Geneva Airport

Parking fees at the car park for coaches and minibuses introduced by GVA in 2019, are not included in the price of the transfers, and will be charged separately according to the waiting time. (unless otherwise stated in our quotation)
Invoicing according to the current rates applied by GVA.

Bus Fr 20.00 per half hour - Minibus Fr 15.00 per half hour.
Parking fees are only for the arrival and waiting of customers. No parking fees for quick drop-off.
Zurich Airport or Berne also charges according to the current rates.

In order to limit parking fees for waiting, we use the GVA application for tracking commercial flights. The entry of the vehicle into the parking car park takes place after your aircraft has landed.
It is important to provide us with the flight number for arrival and departure for each transfer reservation as well as a contact telephone number.

xx- Terms of payment / Invoicing

Invoice sent by email via
Invoice for postal delivery (surcharge of Fr 2.-)
Cash payment against receipt / invoice
Payment by credit card with PayPal secure system. (fees / 4% surcharge)
Payment must be made before departure or the same day in cash before departure. Payment within 30 days on request (only for regular customers and partner companies) A reminder fee of Fr 20.00 can be charged for the second reminder.

xx- Payment from abroad

For all payments outside of Switzerland from the EU or the USA or other countries, please give clear instructions to your bank so that the total amount indicated on the quotation or invoice is transferred, without any exchange fees or shared charges.

xx - Cancellation

If you cancel your reservation, a handling fee may be charged and will be calculated as follows.

7 to 14 days before departure 1 to 7 days before departure The day of departure itself

xx - Our transport cancellation

10% of transport price 20% of transport price 50% of transport price

If the transport could not take place for reasons of force majeure, the amount paid would be refunded in full. Any compensation for damages is excluded.

xx - Luggage

Our coaches and minibuses have spacious trunks to take them along.
However, for practical reasons, it is necessary for each participant to keep the amount of luggage to a minimum, i.e. 1 suitcase and 1 hand luggage per person.

xx - Cleaning and damages

Normal cleaning of the vehicle is included in the price of the quotation.
However, we reserve the right to charge additional costs for repairs or replacement of the equipment provided, for the cleaning of chewing gum or liquids spilled on the seats and for any damage to the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

xx - Prohibitions

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the vehicles
Pets are not allowed in the vehicles.
Alcohols and picnic inside are allowed only on request.

xx - Coffee / Minerals

A fridge and a coffee machine are available in our coaches.
Not included in the price of the transport (bottles of mineral water Fr 1.- / coffee 2.- / soda and others Fr 2.-).

xx - Theft / Loss

Voyages Stevic is not engaged in case of theft or loss of personal effects, either inside or outside the vehicle during the entire transport.

xx - Note

In the event of access problems with one of our coaches or minibuses at the places indicated on your programme, we decline all responsibility.

xx - Amplitude

If you intend or expect to exceed the return time previously indicated in the program, please inform us 24 hours before departure. If this results in a change of driver due to exceeding the legal scope according to the ORT, an additional fee will be charged for the second driver. Otherwise, the driver will follow the schedule mentioned and confirmed in advance.

xx - Overtime

The extra time available can be charged in addition to the amount of the quotation as a result.

Coach / Minibus / Limousine | Fr 50.- per hour started 

xx - Legislation

Compliance with safety and transport legislation is a priority.